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Is it for You?

Lease a Dedicated and Secure Server Under Your Control

If you operate a high traffic website or run an application that requires stability and consistent performance you need a server that is dedicated to you.

With dedicated hosting from FibreWORX, you'll have full control over your application with the reliability and dependability of a dedicated server. 

Some advantages of dedicated hosting
  • Maintain full control over your applications
  • The server is dedicated to your use. No need to worry about other customers’ usage affecting the performance of your applications. 
  • Rely on your server to function exactly the way you need it to.
  • Save money by leveraging FibreWorx's shared infrastructure such as firewalls, back up services.

FibreWORX understands the need for a dependable, reliable solution to host your mission critical applications. Let us provide a customized dedicated hosting package for your business!

Contact us today to learn more about the power and flexibility of dedicated hosting.